2015-02-20 | Övriga nyheter

Bonnier launches common video ad platform


This spring, Bonnier will launch a new programmatic video ad platform, which pulls together video ad space from different Bonnier companies. The new video ad platform from Bonnier will give advertisers the possibility of reaching target audiences based on first-party data from Bonnier on all the group's websites that have video content.



With the video ad platform, the advertising market will be able to purchase and run campaigns across the group's various video services. The platform also allows for transparent and easy follow-up for advertisers. To start with, the platform will include video ad space from TV4 Play as well as video content on websites for Swedish dailies Expressen, Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri. This means that already at launch, the platform will be one of the most powerful in the Swedish online video market.

"Via the new programmatic platform, we'll be able to meet advertisers' needs for simplicity, transparency and control of campaigns," says Nicklas Norrby, who is responsible for the new platform at the TV4 Group. "In the near future, the idea is that the platform will also offer niched target audiences based on first-party data from Bonnier, plus include certain specially chosen non-Bonnier news sites."

The new video ad platform will be launched in stages during the spring. The project is being led by the TV4 Group. The purpose, like the display ad network Bonnier Ad Network that is being driven by Expressen and the Bonnier News business area, is to offer advertisers the possibility to utilize the breadth of Bonnier's media.


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